Qualbuys was founded on the principles of innovation, quality and integrity in the development of every product we produce. We use our industry expertise to create not only our own multiple brands, but also bring to life the brands of our partners.

We have two types of clients: Consumers & Brands. Both types excite us and we value our role in developing. For our Consumers we create our own brand products to fulfill their unmet needs. For other Brands, we turn their ideas into reality for them – from planning and scheduling, to sequencing and execution, to analysis of all product development, sourcing and manufacturing processes. As a result, you can improve efficiency, lower costs, deliver higher-quality products and boost sales.

Our diverse team is composed of individuals, with not only extensive knowledge, but also an intricate passion for products. They evaluate, analyze and streamline the process. That is why from the moment Qualbuys decides to bring a product to market, we are conscious every step of the way about the decisions we make….striving for excellence and thinking of our customers.






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