NuVu Group’s knowledgeable and professional team uses an extensive background in the consumer packaged goods industry to support brands with retail placement and innovative marketing solutions.

At NuVu Group, we understand the challenges that exist in bringing a new product to market.

Whether your product assortment is in the infancy stage or has fully matured and is ready for expanded retail distribution, NuVu Group has the experience to make it a great success.

“We are committed to helping brands and companies reach today’s savvy and digital consumers in innovative and new ways.”

We have a passion for offering fresh and original approaches to the current distribution that will transform shopping into fun, engaging, interactive and informative “customer experiences”.

NuVu Group can assist in brand partnerships to help launch your new product line or help further your efforts in expanded distribution and sell-thru after retail placement.  

Adopting your product ideas and goals into feasible and marketable product is our passion.

“We are in business to support and grow yours.”