Core Competency

Innovative Products & Technology, Retail Distribution & Sales, and Support within CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry.

From Concept to Consumer

Our Diversification

While diversified, our main focus is in the HBC (health and beauty care) categories with a very strong emphasis in beauty care and educational products for children.

  • Product placements at major retailers in the US.
  • Over 2 decades of experience in the CPG industry.
  • A strong network of retailers, manufacturers, and dedicated resources.

As a vertically integrated organization, each of our companies support an integral part of our brands while offering the industry and our client base our expertise and services. We take and support a concept all the way through to the consumer level.

We are privately held with our head quarters in New York with offices in California.


Our Thinking

Every successful company has one thing in common - the right people.

Our culture is based on creating an exciting, motivating and fun environment where we encourage, cultivate and expect ‘out of the box’ thinking.

All of our relationships are built on a solid foundation of respect. Respect for our co-workers, customers, vendors and even… our competitors.

That is also why we don’t refer to our employees as “employees” or our customers as “customers”… but instead "Our Family Members".

Our Ongoing Innovation

We continuously challenge ourselves to bring forward-thinking products, processes, services, and technology to the forefront by fostering creative ideas and lasting relationships.

A few of our AMAZING brand PARTNERS

a few of Our Retail relationships